Thursday, February 23, 2012


The latest art project of David Cardamone, Mollywood is in the works! An installation art, the Hollywood Sign shall be changed to "Mollywood", named after David's cute adorable King Charles Spainard Cavalier, Molly. This is beautiful high art and it's gonna happen!
Everyone in Mollywood will all have adorable cute Cavalier puppies and walk them, and there will be statues of Molly everywhere!
 Yes, the big sign of "Hollywood" shall be changed to "Mollywood". History shall be changed!
 the artist, David Cardamone and his adorable Cavalier, Molly.
everyone in Mollywood should own and walk as many Cavaliers as possible!
 A giant statue of Molly resides in the center of the Hollywood Mall at Hollywood and Vine
 Movie Stars will feel so chic walking a Cavalier, did you know that a Cavalier was bred for Kings in medieval times and was called a "Kings Toy"?
 Cavaliers are so irresistibly cuddly!
 beautiful Molly statues line up the streets and cute-ify it. So Kawaii..
 The Walk of Fame with it's stars is not complete without it's Molly statues.

 How adorable, the puppy Molly statue in Disneyland.
 The festive lights of Mollywood have brightened with the statues of Molly
 How elegant and perfect, that Hollywood becomes Mollywood.
 Yes, this is absolutely a perfect installation. This is high art. Millions all over the world will visit Mollywood.  Toursim rates will increase skyhigh.
 Just perfect. All Mollywood residents will walk their adorable Cavaliers.
Molly statues in front of the Grauman's Chinese Theater.


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